With the people, resources, expertise, and experience that we have gained over more than 35 years of service DeWhit is well-prepared for this situation. 

Unfortunately, due to high demand we only able to provide services to our existing clients at this time.  If you are a potential client in need of services we would be happy to provide you with information that may help you meet the challenges you are currently facing.  Feel free to contact us.  In the future we’d be pleased to work with you to set a program in place to ensure you are ready for all possibilities.


On another note, everyone is experiencing shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, human coronavirus effective disinfectant, and other critical items from suppliers.   DeWhit has set aside limited stock of these items and will distribute them to our customers as necessary.  We strongly recommend that you set conservation measures in place immediately.  For instance, hand sanitizer is not the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Hand washing with soap and water is far more effective.  Please encourage increased hand washing and diminished reliance on hand sanitizer.  Secure supplies like toilet paper, sanitizer bottles, and disinfectant wipes that are readily available so they don’t disappear and address this with your organization as appropriate.  Do all that you can to conserve these resources now until the supply chain can catch up.  That may take weeks.


DeWhit will do everything we can to provide basic supply necessities to our customers.  Your understanding and assistance with supply shortages is appreciated.  Together we will weather this crisis. 


By now I’m sure you have heard that shelter-in-place orders are the next step in containing this virus.  DeWhit is designated by the Department of Homeland Security as an essential contractor.  Our teams are allowed to travel for work.  For our customers and potential clients we want to encourage you to immediately consider how such an order will affect your facility operations.  If your company or organization is designated as an essential entity by the Governor, Homeland Security, DOD, Presidential Executive Order, or other governmental agency, please take steps now that allow you to continue operations and include cleaning and disinfection staff in your plans. 


Finally, with so many people working from home IT systems may be compromised.  If there are alternate email addresses and phone numbers that you may need to communicate during this situation please pass them along.  DeWhit has taken the necessary IT measures to ensure that our staff is capable of working remotely.  If you need any additional contact information please let us know and we will provide it immediately.  

This is uncharted territory for all of us.  We are confident that together we will get through this and that there is a better, stronger future on the other side.  DeWhit is committed to doing everything possible to meet the challenges that you and your organization face.  Thank you for your business and for your cooperation in these uncertain times. 


Stay well and stay safe.

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